As of January 2021, Staffordshire moves into National Lockdown once more, along with the rest of England.

Due to this, we have had to change the way we do things so that we can keep ourselves and our potential adopters/surrenderers safe.

Please see below for more information. Remember, unless you have to leave your home - Stay at home, keep yourself and your loved ones safe and help to save the overburdened NHS!



Usually we always do a home-check before an adoption, but due to COVID-19 this isn't possible at the moment. So instead, as well as having to fill in our adoption form, potential adopters will be asked to send recent photographs of their setup.

When an adoption takes place the piggies will be passed to you after a chat on your doorstep. We ask if you can please carefully put the piggies in their new enclosure and return the carrier to us at the door where it will be disinfected back at the sanctuary.


We are only taking in emergency surrenders at the moment, and unfortunately you will not be able to accompany your piggies to their new accommodation (Merrypigs is run from the back of our house).

But once they are secure we will come back to the door to update you and can send lots of photos!

Boar dating

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer boar dating for the foreseeable future.