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Craigy aka Goober

Mixed -- DOB unknown -- Boar -- Short hair

First image courtesy of Craigy's foster family.

Craigy (previously Goober) was surrendered with his companion Sharkie (previously Pigbert) after a change in family circumstances. Their cage was large, but very dirty and quite bare! Their owner had attempted to bond the boys with another single boar Abraham (adopted out by us recently to a lovely new home) (she was recommended that this would be fine, so it wasn't her fault) and fighting ensued. All the pigs fought with each other which is understandable, probably due to fear aggression. Goober had a fungal infection around a scab on one of his ears. Sadly Craigy has fallen out with his friend and they have had to be separated, so he is looking for a little boar companion to live with. We expect a baby/young boar will suit him best as although he is the submissive of the pair, he is still quite a character! If you have a baby boar who you think may like to be Craigy's friend, please do let us know!


Orlando and Libby

Mixed -- DOB 26/2/22 approx -- Boar -- Short hair

Mixed -- DOB 3/1/22 approx -- Sow -- Short hair

Poor Lando was dumped by the local canal in an isolated spot along with some rubbish and children's toys. Thrown away like trash. He was spotted around the 21st April but couldn't be caught. 

After searching just about every inch of the area multiple times over the next few days with lots of help, unfortunately he seemed to have disappeared.

Fast forward 2 weeks and, whilst photographing the birds at a local wildlife centre I happened to look across the river to where he was last seen. We had left a box with hay and some water for him, and I zoomed in to have a look, just in case. Up popped Lando's head from by his box!!

Once home, he was thin, tired, dehydrated, cold and terrified.

He has taken a while to come out of his shell and is still a bit of a nervous boy, but he is getting bolder everyday and is now a normal weight for his age and size. He doesn't like parsley or pepper (fussy for a half starved stray!) but loves a big pile of hay and his nuggets.

He gets very excited at sweeping out time and will wheek and popcorn crazily with happiness. He knows the sound of the fridge, however quietly you try to open it, and is a curious and inquisitive little fellow.

He's quite quick to catch but once you have him on your lap he is happy to sit for a while with you. He likes to rest under your chin, but as he is so curious he also likes to walk about on you and explore. When he is having cuddles, he doesn't stop chatting to you!

He was originally bonded with Rufus, but sadly as Rufus reached maturity the boys fell out and had to be separated.

Lando was castrated on 18/11/22, and is ready for adoption from the 30th of December.

Lovely Princess Libby was surrendered as sadly her sister had to be put to sleep and her family didn't want Libby to become lonely. She is a very... voluptuous girl and is definitely in need of a diet! Her nails were very long and curled. She is a lovely sweet girl, not fazed by anything. She will sit on you for hours, licking away at your face and hands. She is definitely in charge of the pair, but they love each other very much and get on amazingly well.

Lando is currently suffering from an abscess and is under treatment.


Rugrat and Edgar Allen Pig

Minipli? Alpaca? -- DOB unknown -- Boars -- Long hair

Rugrat (smaller pig) and his brother Edgar Allen Pig are two boars aged around 1 year. Their owner had had a baby and could no longer look after them, and unfortunately their living conditions were far less than ideal. Both boys are very chatty and are coming out of their shell slowly but surely, although they are completely terrified of interaction at the moment. They are sweet little lads and once they are out of their new house, they will sit with you for a while if it is very quiet and they have a blanket to hide in! They both love their nuggets and are great hay eaters, and enjoy their veggies too. A pile of grass or dandelions doesn't last long when these two are around! They are going to need a home which is very patient and very quiet, where they can take their time to settle in and have a gradual introduction to being part of their own family. We don't think these guys would be suited to a home with young children as they are very, very timid. The boys are steadily putting on weight although they are still light for their age and size (they are mostly fluff!) and are under treatment for a heavy lice infestation. Edgar had an odd habit with his front legs, which has begun to improve since his arrival and his legs are not causing him any pain. We are considering whether this is a metabolic issue owing to his previous living conditions, which is now improving with a better diet. The boys have their last dose of treatment for lice on the 15th May and are unavailable until then.

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