Orlando and Rufus

Unknown -- DOB 26/02/22 approx -- Boar -- Short hair

Teddy -- DOB 1/5/22 -- Boar --  Short hair

Poor Lando was dumped by the local canal in an isolated spot along with some rubbish and children's toys. Thrown away like trash. He was spotted around the 21st April but couldn't be caught. 

After searching just about every inch of the area multiple times over the next few days with lots of help, unfortunately he seemed to have disappeared.

Fast forward 2 weeks and, whilst photographing the birds at a local wildlife centre I happened to look across the river to where he was last seen. We had left a box with hay and some water for him, and I zoomed in to have a look, just in case. Up popped Lando's head from by his box!!

Once home, he was thin, tired, dehydrated, cold and terrified. He has taken a while to come out of his shell and is still a nervous boy, but he is getting bolder everyday and is now a normal weight for his age and size. He doesn't like parsley, cucumber, celery or pepper (fussy for a half starved stray!) but loves a big pile of hay and his nuggets.

He has become much bolder since being bonded with Rufus - he is a very good piggy mentor! He isn't suitable to be handled by children, but if he can snuggle in a blanket he doesn't mind a cuddle once caught.

Rufus is one of 3 boars we caught with the help of lots of amazing people by a local canal. He was very tiny and very thin when we got him home, and was suffering with ringworm. He also had an eye injury which is not all treated. He is a very scared boy, but since being paired with Lando he has gained lots of confidence! He doesn't like pepper very much and is very fast, but he does enjoy a quiet cuddle under a blanket so he feels safe.


Roland and Rory

Smooth coat -- DOB 27/3/22 -- Boar -- Short hair

Abyssinian -- DOB 27/2/22 -- Boar --  Medium hair


2 out of 3 stray piggies caught (with great help from lots of kind people!) by the side of a local canal. They are all very thin, very scared and very hungry and thirsty too! Rory was suffering with heatstroke and ringworm, and Roland with ringworm also. They have really come out of their shells! Rory is in charge but the boys get on well.  They are still quite nervous but have come on leaps and bounds. Roland especially will now eat from your hands! They don't like pepper but love their nuggets (we're limiting them so the boys don't get fat!) and get so excited when they hear the bag rustling. Roland loves to climb and his favourite spot is on top of one of their hideys.


William and Buddy Love

Unknown -- DOB 3/2/22 -- Boar -- Short hair

Unknown -- DOB 3/2/22 -- Boar -- Long hair


These little nuggets are 2 of Augustine's babies (Augustine is one of 2 stray sows we caught in a churchyard, who happened to be pregnant!). William is the biggest baby of the bunch and has some Sheltie in his history - this means he has long hair and will require regular grooming and trimming. He is the more dominant of the pair, which Buddy doesn't mind. Little Buddy is more shy, although both babies are still young and are growing in confidence every day - a settled home where they can get used to their surroundings and some quiet, gentle handling is ideal for these boys. They will now happily take snacks from your hands, and although they are fast to catch they like a cuddle and a chat with you once you have scooped them up!

IMG_20220712_180711 (1).jpg


Unknown -- DOB unknown -- Sow -- Short hair

This little lady was caught on 12/07/22 after being spotted as a stray  2 days prior. She was left in the same place as Lando! She's very, very scared and itchy but otherwise in good condition. She will remain on pregnancy watch for the next 10 weeks.