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Image by Katherine McAdoo

Can I keep a piggy with a bunny?

Merrypigs does not adopt out guinea pigs to live with bunnies. As adorable and just plain wonderful as rabbits are (the bunny on the right is our house rabbit Miley), unfortunately they don't usually make suitable companions for guineas and the risks often far outweigh the benefits of keeping them together.

Bugzy's story helps explain why!

Bugzy had originally been living with a bunny who, as bunnies do, had been a bit rough with him. Unfortunately for Bugzy, this resulted in life changing injuries.

He lost the use of his back legs apart from a 'paddling' motion. His sight was affected, as was his ability to poo. He even lost control of his bottom lip! He now lives in a home experienced in disabled pig care, with a 3 legged friend.

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