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For guinea pigs who cannot be officially rehomed...

Would you consider fostering?

Some guinea pigs who come into the sanctuary are unable to be officially rehomed. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • Very old guinea pigs

  • Terminally ill guinea pigs

  • Disabled guinea pigs

  • Guinea pigs with a long term illness.

  • Some can be rehomed, but not yet - and would benefit from a home environment and one-to-one care in the meantime:

  • Piggies on pregnancy watch

  • Boars awaiting their 6 week post neuter period

  • Very nervous piggies who need extra handling and to get used to a home environment

Fostering involves the same terms and conditions as adoption (click here for our terms and conditions). We really need our foster homes to be experienced in guinea care, willing to do some unpleasant jobs (for example clearing impaction), have suitable indoor accommodation and plenty of spare time.

Vet Holding a Guinea Pig
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