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Terms and Conditions


 If the terms and conditions are broken legal action will be pursued.


  • The guinea pigs you may adopt will have been offered to you in good faith with a full health check. No guinea pig is adopted out if it is believed to be ill or injured. You will be asked to approve of the pig's health before signing.

  • Please FULLY READ the form given to you before signing. It will make you aware of any previous illnesses or ongoing conditions the pig may have.

  • Your guinea pig will have lifelong free advice from Merrypigs Guinea Pig Sanctuary. You can contact by email or phone number with any questions you may have or for some advice

  • Guinea pigs adopted from us ARE NOT to be re-sold or given away to anyone other than the person signing this form. Should the pigs need to be re-homed, the sanctuary must be contacted and the guinea pigs given back.

  • Family pet is absolutely fine, but pigs WILL NOT be adopted out as childrens' pets. The person signing this form who is over 18 years old is legally responsible for the guinea pig's welfare.

  • Upon adopting this guinea pig, you are fully responsible for all costs associated with him or her including vet bills.

  • Guinea pigs adopted from Merrypigs are NOT to be bred, ever.

  • Guineas will be adopted out to homes with dogs on a case by case basis.

  • Guinea pigs remain under the ownership of  Merrypigs Guinea Pig Sanctuary.

  • Pigs are only adopted out within a 30 mile radius from the sanctuary.

  • Pigs must not live alone. If the bond between a sanctuary pig an it's bud breaks up, and the pig cannot be bonded with another at the home then the pig must be returned to us.

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