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Rehoming from us

If you are interested in adopting piggies from us follow the instructions below!

Please click here for our terms and conditions before continuing.


  • You must live within 30 miles of the ST18 postcode.

  • We prefer our guineas to go to indoor homes - we have found they become more of a part of the family this way, but of course we will also consider accommodation in a separate, secure outbuilding too.

  • ALL piggy accommodation must be at least 120cmX70cm. Extra storeys do not count (many pigs will not use ramps) so please ensure at least one level meets this requirement. This entire area must be enclosed/sheltered - unsheltered areas such as runs etc are only counted as extra.

  • Guinea pigs MUST be returned to us should you no longer be able to keep them. They remain under the ownership of the sanctuary (it is similar to a loan, which is done to protect them from being passed on to someone else by adopters).

  • You will receive a copy of our care guide, outdoor hutch information if required and a copy of your chosen piggies details. You will be required to sign an adoption contract and for our terms and conditions.

  • All pigs will be rehomed with some of their own food and a familiar toy/item.


Application form:

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